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October 2017


October 1, 2017  -  Holy Communion                           

Scripture: Ezekiel 18.25-28; Matthew 21.28-36

Sermon Title: “Learning Right from Wrong”

Sermon Theme: In the Gospel Reading, the first son refuses to help his father; then later he realizes that he made a mistake and does his Father’s bidding. What was it that caused him to recognize that what he had done was wrong?  For that matter, how does anyone develop the capacity to tell right from wrong? Is it an ability with which we are born? Or, is it something that is learned?   If the latter, who is it that teaches us?


October 8, 2017  -  Shared Abundance Sunday           

Note:  John Tretter is preaching.


October 15, 2017      

Scripture: Isaiah 5.1-7; Matthew 21.33-43

Sermon Title: “Acting Like You Owned the Place”

Sermon Theme: There is a difference between owning a field and leasing it from another farmer.  This distinction was lost on the people in today’s Gospel Reading.  Their story reminds us that ultimately all that we have including our lives comes from God.  Yes, God created us and the world which we inhabit. One day he will ask for an accounting of how we have used what was entrusted into our care.


October 22, 2017     

Note:  Rev. Ken Scherry is preaching.


October 29, 2017  -  500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Scripture: Psalm 46; Romans 3.19-28; John 8. 31-36

Sermon Title: “Has the Divorce Been Finalized?”

Sermon Theme: For more on Reformation Sunday see this month’s Pastor’s Column.